Salvatore Lenzo, M.D. - Clinical Assistant Professor - orthopedic Surgery NYU - Hospital for joint Diseases, NYU Langone Medical Center Your Practice Online
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Microsurgery is the use of a microscope during the surgical procedure. This can magnify normal structures as many as 10 times. This allows Dr. Lenzo to fully evaluate structures that may have been injured in the hand and forearm. For example, digital nerves in the finger have a diameter of 1 millimeter. With the microscopy, the nerve is greatly magnified and surgical repair of the respective fascicles, which are the nerve conduction tubules, can be fully evaluated and allow Dr. Lenzo to repair the nerve in an anatomical position. In addition, the microscope is used for arterial repair as well which can be needed during injury to the respective arteries in the fingers which also have a diameters of 1 millimeter and/or arteries in the wrist and forearm. Pathology in these arteries an include aneurysms which can be seen post traumatically or congenitally. Resection of the aneurysm and repair of the respective vessel can also be done underneath the microscope and greatly aids Dr. Lenzo in getting the best possible repair of the artery.

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